Thank you for your support

When I launched my campaign for U.S. Senator just three months ago, as someone who had never run for public office before, I did it with the highest hopes and the best intentions. And in those three months, as I traveled thousands of miles across this great state to meet people and speak at Tea Party and Republican events, I had more fun than a man has a right to.

Of course I'm disappointed that I – or any of the other challengers – didn't force Sen. Cornyn into a runoff. But that was really my first and only disappointment in this campaign. I'll always believe that with more time, and of course a bit more money, I could have had a much greater impact.

What I am truly proud about is that in all my speaking events and in all my discussions with people, I lived up to my promise of saying what I mean and meaning what I say. I never told anybody just what they wanted to hear. They all saw the real Ken Cope.

I am also blessed to have made many new friends during this campaign – including some of my fellow challengers. Rarely did any of those challengers say anything negative about each other (with the occasional exception of criticizing the odd campaign of Steve Stockman, whose purpose in all of this I will forever wonder about). We had a common goal, which was to  put John Cornyn's feet to the fire.

In that, I am afraid we all fell short. The message that I do not want John Cornyn to take away from this primary campaign is that he can keep doing what he has been doing. But with just under 60 percent of the vote, he may feel that way. My criticism of Mr. Cornyn has always been that he just hasn't shown the leadership that Texans deserve in Washington.

So while I urge my supporters to show party unity and make sure that this Senate seat stays in the hands of a Republican, I also urge you to keep the pressure on Mr. Cornyn for the next six years. Make him understand that his conservative ratings are only the beginning, because unless he can show stronger leadership than he has, he will be letting us down. Write to him, call his office, talk to him at any campaign event he might actually attend, and make him do his job.

I thank each of you who voted for me and everyone who at least gave me a look, and once again, I say to you God Bless Texas!