Well, despite a tremendous effort, we didn’t quite make it.

I’m disappointed, of course, but at the same time heartened by how many good people in CD6 voted for me. I offer my humble thanks to all of you for your support and for your belief in me.

We had a very strong field of candidates in this race, and to their credit they waged a clean campaign. I salute all of them for the effort they put into their campaigns, and especially congratulate Ron Wright and Jake Ellzey for making the runoff.

Going forward, I know that either man will be a far better choice than what the Democrats have to offer.

For my supporters who will vote in the May 22 runoff election, I urge you to look carefully at both Wright and Ellzey and choose wisely. It is an important choice, because nothing is as important to us this year as getting the right candidate, winning in November, and keeping CD6 as red as possible.

Ken Cope